I'm Thinking About Buying a EZGO RXV


Im seriously thinking about buying a new E-Z-GO RXV. Im still debating on gas or electric. I test drove an electric RXV this morning and I was very impressed. The dealer didnt have any gas RXVs in stock but will have some in the first of May.
Im trying to get some more information and reviews on the RXV before making my decision. From what Ive found so far they seem to get high praise everywhere Ive looked. Does anyone have a RXV? How do you like it so far?


I haven't heard anything bad about the RXV yet. Their isn't a whole lot of info out on them that I've found anyway. I'd like to hear from people who have one myself. I really like the suspension setup and the AC system on the electric carts. It looks like the aftermarket accessories are becoming more available and EZGO has quite a few accessories for the RXV also.
The 4 year bumper to bumper warranty is a nice offer from EZGO.
Thanks for posting the links...
Good luck and keep us updated on what you decide.


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Looks to be a nice cart. New AC elec. and 13 hp gas. One problem. 4 year bumper to bumper warranty. You wouldn't be able to tinker with it for 4 years. Is the first Kawasaki engine for E-Z-GO? I don't keep up on this stuff like I should.
Another question. I always thought that Fleet described a certain type of electric golf cart from E-Z=GO. Is this not the case?


Good point on the warranty COPB.
The fleet name is really just what they use to describe carts for the golf courses. For years the series cart was the only cart used at the courses so the name kind of got labeled with the series carts. At least that's my understanding.


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How much? It says you can hit things up to 5 mph (with the front bumper) .
Looks like a nice cart, good luck, Does the engine start when you hit the gas pedal on this model? The only cart I've owen is my current one w/key swth. I have driven a few carts before but they were all hit the gas/start or elect.


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Just from what I have read about them, the RXV will be my next cart, and from what I can deduce it might be my last cart.