I'm snapping axles- got a question..


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For you Club Car sparky guru's. I've snapped 3 axles in the Kawi rear end on my '00 non regen 48/72volt DS. Before I put another axle in it I'm going to put a Graziano rearend in it and hopefully solve the problem.

Do the brake assemblies from the Kawi rearend fit the Grazi?


Frank sorry to hear about the axles. Sounds like the Mud Buggie. I'm wondering if it's just cheap axles as I have had with Ezgo's.
Sorry can't answer your Question not to well versed on Club Cars yet!


The Graziano drums and backing plates are different than the Kawasaki setup. I'm not sure if the backing plates will interchange without some fabricating. Maybe someone else can tell you for sure.


You should be fine with a stock graziano. I have 4340 in the big drag kart.. call me i'll give you the info. Those kawasaki rears are pretty weak


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I don't get it? When it comes to torque. My AC motor has ton's of it. Plus it shows up in the 60 ft mark. I know it is only 130-volts. But it can pull on C/9's v-twin at 60ft. But that is not my point. I have yet & knock on wood to spin or break anything. Now it is a 1998 diff that came out of my ez-go. I rebuilt it 100% less spy/gears. It has all new bearings new shafts & hubs. Have I just been lucky by not breaking? When you guys pick out a diff to put under your hot rods do yall not rebuild them first. I think it comes down to the quality of the metal that these manufacturers or using. It is no doubt that the diff is the weakest link to our addiction for power.


your gear set is what is keeping you from breaking the axles I would think! The Mud Buggie has a standard 12:1 gear set with a high toque D&D motor. It will rip the end slap off after a few hard starts with the new metal they use now days. I haven't found a set of axles that this want happen to since I ripped the first ones out. They were the ones it came new with and they last 30 years. One didn't even last a month.




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Thats what I'm running Andy, a D&D torque motor. I put it back down to 48V and still snapped an axle. I can go pound on it and be ok, then the next thing I'm easing over a curb and SNAP!..
I'm running a Strech long travel with 25" tires. Club Car wants an arm and a leg for an axle, I'm done with this Kawi rearend.