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thanks for all the advise. I redid the carb again, and the float was definately not seating right. so I was real happy to get it back together and it ran great,,,,,, for about 5 minutes than stopped, this time only a small intermitent mist from the fuel pump. mostly nothing coming out. so i rehooked my makeshift tank, and drove it around for about a hour, and it seems to be great, so my thought is obviously rebuild the pump????? I have new lines ect. makes no difference, took the pump apart and everything seems to be okay but it just doesnt seem to pump anything or at best just ocasionally, so would it do anyharm to run it on my add on tank a while to be sure everything else is okay until i get the pump parts?? if you guys think that is what i need. Ill leave it parked until I hear, it just seems I have a little of everything all wrong at once, makeing it twice as hard to fix, If I was rich I would have just replaced everything new and be out there now running around, but a poor mans budjet gets a poor mans results. ha ha. or just more time to learn all of it. ps. does seem to be smokeing a little, never did that before,


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Check the pick up tube in the fuel tank. Diaphram pumps don't work eratically.


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you did a great job on pin pointing the problems
you can run the gravity tank for as long as you want, sounds like the fuel pump is the bad link. more than likely theres oil in the muffler from being over full on oil! very common on that engine. i would make sure the tank is good and secure and put some hours on it and the smoking should stop after the first long run.
I overfilled my oil and the vacum hose to the fuel pump had oil in it. Lowered oil level, blew out vacum line, prefilled filter wit gas. Car starts and runs great