I'm a picker, and a grinner

Time for a thread resurrection!

These are a few of the musical toys scattered around the house, my favorites are my Strats and my Les Paul (depending on what type of music I'm playing). Both of my sons play as well, we have more guitars, amps, basses, mandolins, banjos, a couple of ukeleles and who knows what else around here. I keep the '58 Gibson LG0 tuned to open G for slide playing. I got the old Kustom amps in a trade and they both have original speakers (and sound great).
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Nice guitars and amps! :thumbsup:

There's a few members here that play guitar. I have over 20 myself and have been playing 50+ years. I haven't played much since we moved in the new house a couple years ago.

What brand is the 335 style guitar with the Bigsby?
Thanks! That's a 1972 Harmony H-71 that, by all accounts of Harmony, does not exist. It's all double bound and has gold foil "moustache" pickups, with an original Bigsby.
I've been playing for 40 years myself. I don't play out anymore, but thinking about getting back into it. I'm a country, rock, blues kinda player. Merle Haggard to Pink Floyd with the 3 Kings thrown in (BB, Albert, and Freddie). :band: