I Want To Make My Golf Cart Street Legal


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2000 or older 36 volt? Taller tires would get you close to 20 mph. Other guys like Hot Rod Carts or Diode would know electric upgrades.

W. David

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It’s a 1999 model, 48 volts. I really appreciate you getting back to me, this stuff is all new to me, my head’s kinda spinning. I’ll certainly be talking with the entities you mentioned. Thanks again, it’s nice to know I’m not alone...


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Lift and bigger tires should get you 5mph. You can do motor, battery cables and controller but like I said others here know your best starting point.


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I take it this is a controller cart or is it resistors
Lift and taller tires will make it Faster but you will lose torque and that’s where a different motor would help this is probably a series cart meaning the motor is a series drive motor which have less speed options