I Want More Low End Torque

I want more low end torque so what else can I do? My EZGO 95 Medalist will run up a hill about the same as my buddy's newer workhorse that has 2 more HP, he has 20" tires.
My cart has a 90 jet in the carb with the freash air intake to the front just like a workhorse, 22" tires, 28 degree clutch with a short belt.
I don't care about top speed, just want the grunt.


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You can enlarge and relocate the outlet on the muffler, it will help some but it get louder. A tweaked 350 is the way to go if ya ask me, not alot work to switch out and still lets ya into the camp grounds. :twocents:
So changing springs in either clutch won't do anything? I don't really want to make it louder, I like the stealth mode. :D
I want to keep the stock motor, it runs good for being so old. Is there a way to keep the driven clutch on the high side to keep in low gear?
Well finally got to the campground to test the new spring. Bottom line it did worse, maybe they work but not for my applicatiom.
I then compared the spring from my original 32 clutch to the 28 clutch and the 32 seamed a bit longer so i put that in, best result so far.
As far as I can tell my original clutch must have been stuck in low and did not operate correctly, it worked great for what I need it for, until it broke.
How can I keep it from opening?
Besides new clutch springs I've seen some talk about shaving/machining clutch mating parts to gear it a little lower and make it stay there longer?


You could go with a shorter belt and pick up some torque. The EZGO 2 Stroke drive belt will work on a TXT. It's an inch shorter and 1/16" wider. Here's the EZGO part number OEM # 22337-G1.
I will have to measure it, but now you have me thinking :pain:
What if I put an even wider belt like this on? The wider belt will give it more low end correct?


It's not only the width but the length also plays a role. The 2 stroke belt is 1" shorter and a 1/16 wider. I've never tried any other belts so I can't say for sure. You don't want it to short or to wide though. The 2 stroke belt makes a pretty big difference it torque and if it was me that's the one I'd go with.
Ok, went camping again. Did some research and more is always better, yes?
Put on a HPX2204, little wider and shorter then the short belt everyone uses.
It worked great! All 9 circus ponies were screamin through mudholes and sand dunes.
My old belt that is a year old (used 1 weekend per month) appears to have worn enough to effect performance.
Thanks for everyones help (Rod, Nubs).
What's cool is alot of people at the campground have high dollar utility vehicles (I saw one with monitors in it) but when I go through some crap, it's like I just did that in a golf cart! I like the challenge.