I Use My Golf Cart For Fun and Business


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My 1975 Harley is almost finished- was finished but it died again today Darn LOL. It will be used for my business. I build stringed musical instrument and repair also. Part of my business if doing field repairs. I will deliver the instrument after finishing with the cart.
The other use is jamming. I play bluegrass and old time music and jam all night some times so the cart will be used to transport my upright bass, guitar, Ukulele and drink cooler to the jams.



I play guitar and there's several other members on the forum who play guitar and other instruments. There's a thread in the other hobbies section with some pictures so feel free to post some pics of your stuff...

Here's a link to the thread with the guitars.


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Thanks HotRodCarts,

I did some reading there last night but was to tired to post. I'm going out the garage to figure out what happen to the ignition on the Harley. Thought I had it whipped.
I'll see if I can post some today.