i took up a new hobby :~)


i got a new hobby/sport that is a lot of fun and not to mention kepps me outa trouble.
its called golf. even though ive had golf carts for 7 years i never played golf. \the only bad thing is sometimes it get dangerous cause at golf tryoust i smacked a ball with my shaft and it hit hard but shot out left and nailed my friend. she was a lil mad but then i let her throw her ball at me and things got happier. lAtEr


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Sweet. I play and they let me take my lifted cart out there. Just cant drive the the sand traps. Oh by the way, its I have taken up a new hobby!


cool. im pretty happy with my playing yester-yesterday. when i was lil i use to play a lil and i was ok. then as i got older girls got more interesting, hehe. but now that i in high scool i want to show everyone that i can do somethoing right. if theres one thing in my life that i want to excell in its golf. mainly i just want to impress my dad. hes been playing all his life. hes devoted his hole life to golf and i want to show him that im not a total srew up. todays tryouts got rained out but tommorrow i hop to up my game.


Have fun! I've been playing golf since I was 2. I once had a pro approach me and say: "Mister, if you get your swing and coordination right, 350+ yards wouldn't be unreasonable. Keep up the practice.
" Needless to say I haven't practiced nearly as much as I should, nor do I get to play very often. But hey, I can walk onto a driving range, first ball I hit goes 290 out and straight and the the rest are horrible. :rofl:
I also don't play with a handicap


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I used to really enjoy golf. I was on a league and went once a week for 3 yrs. Seemed like the more I golfed the worst I became at it. After a while I asked myself why pay so dang much to tick myself off? I never learned to hit a driver. I could do just fine with my irons. Used to get alot of looks from people when they saw me T up with my 5 iron and hit it as far as the next guy hit his driver. Then I kept breaking my irons. They ain't cheap!

Then I bought a golf cart and really started living. All the money I would have spent to golf went into the cart. At least I have something to show for it rather than some sod on my goofy looking golf shoes.

I really got sick of the stigma that goes with golf. It seems that a mans worth is measured by how well he can hit that dam little ball!
I hate that!
Not an issue anymore. I'm holding 2 carts hostage and they are loving it!

I guess this is about a hobby I gave up.


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I have some buddies that golf. Seems to envolve a lot of drinking, at least the way they play! LOL Never got interested myself. Went to a par 3 course when I was a kid. Hit the ball too hard & hit some dudes car in the parking lot. Decided it wasn't for me.
Local rock radio station I listen to used to have a tournament called "The Skin Game" The morning DJs put it on. My buddies went a couple times and said it was wild. They hired strippers to follow the game mostly naked. They would clean your balls, pose next to the holes ect. Now that sounded like fun to me!!! They quit doing it anymore. I heard they were gettin flak from the "Politically Correct" and advertisers. Somebody always gotta spoil the fun


Yeah back in the good ole days,(jeeze I sound more and more like my Dad every day) when I was 13, a friend and I deceided to try out for our HS golf team. We borrowed another friends clubs and headed off for the field in front of his house. We were using pingpong balls to see who could hit them the farthest. Dont ask why we were using pingpong balls cause I dunno. Neither of us could do much more than miss the ball completely, so we finally deceided to just whack at the dang things and see if we could just hit them. To make a long and painfull story short (and painfull), I got too close to my friends crazy attempt to annihilate a pingpong ball and his back swing caught me on the cheek just where my nose began.By the time I reached the ER, I was bleeding out of my nose, my left eye, my mouth and the inch gash that it left on the side of my nose. It took 4 numbing shots, 8 stitches, two nurses and a doctor to hold me down and straighten my nose. The number 4 wood had shattered the bone that the cartilage attaches to so bad, that the Dr had to ram both fingers up my nose to push the pieces back out so I could breath. But he did a fine job, you can hardly tell that my nose has been broken except that one nostril is slightly smaller than the other. And that ended my golfing career. I've never even held another club in my hands since. Can you say TRAMATIZED!!?? LOL Sorry to highjack the thread but I had to tell my golfing horror story.