I shoulda said NO !!


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My neighbor @ the campsite was cleaning out his garage and came across his old EzGo. It's a '89 2 stroke, lifted, new tires, radio,(no speakers) body's in good shape, seats could need recovering..but not bad. He told me that he hasn't ran it for a few years because it just quit running... So, like an idiot I asked him "wanna sell it?"...$400. I said "OK"
I pulled it back to my place, replaced the battery, cleaned the fuel tank and lines, replaced the oil in the resevoir...It fired right up.....now for the bad news......It won't move??? I have a Yahama, so the engines look totally different.
I followed the throttle linkage around and thru and came up on a bracket with nothing attached to it. The bracket is mounted on the rear end housing and there is a linkage/spring assembly right by it, but I can't see how this linkage would fit on the bracket without bending things ... also, the engine won't rev up...so..the clutch won't engage....
Anybody ???? Ideas ????