I got another one... EZGO Medalist


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so Ive only had my 86 for just over a week now, and the other day i got a decent offer to pick up this 94 for $30!!!! i got my 86 for $100.. I know the body on both are iffy but the body on the 94 is asthetically more pleasing to the eye compared to the super squared off 86 body.. plus the frame on the 94 has alot less rust..I still havent figured out exactly yet it is i want to do.. the 86 has everything to make it run except batteries, the 94 is well mostly just a frame and a body.. i think i might just swap everything from the 86 over to the 94 frame.. even though i just put a new leaf spring on the front of the 86 everything else is still worn out and bent.. spindles have alot of play and one of the shock mounts is bent..the front suspension on the 94 looks like its all there and tighter minus the steering box...


It looks like the addiction has set in...

The 94 is a Medalist. A TXT body will fit if you decide to go that route. The steering box is different from a Marathon so you'll need a Medalist or old style TXT box, (not cheap)...


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i was just looking at the whole steering box thing today.. that sucks.. cause yea they are pricey and the one that is in the 86 needs to be rebuilt.. Im gonna try and retrofit it regardless..

it is an addiction


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I think i have a few steering boxes laying around the shop let me look tomorrow and ill see what i can do!!!! ill hook it up on price too!