I found a Chinese cart that is worth it!!!


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I’ve been through numerous Chinese brand golf carts over the past few years and trust me. I have wasted much money testing which company makes the best golf carts.
They all claim their cart is good by the picture but it shows up something completely different.

Well I am glad to say that I have found THE BEST company there is! These carts are by far the most durable, high quality cart that I have had. I mean in terms of comparing it to the top 3, and American made golf carts. This company makes the golf carts to American modifications so it even allowed me to get radio stations and Bluetooth as well. All wording on the cart is american. It just had a really clean look to it. I’m just really excited about it. It’s been holding up tremendously. Me and my family take it to the campgrounds and it’s been a big hit!! It was only $11,500 for a 2022 6 seater limo which is A LOT cheaper than other brands. So if your looking to save a little money, and still have a quality cart I highly recommend this brand. I won’t attach the website where I got it from due to this pages policy. If anybody wants a recommendation of where I got it shoot me a message. But guys this cart is amazing!!


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Username "Golfcarts4less" Bit of a clue there i think?

Its just one more EZGO clone from the same factories as all the rest.


See link : Enough said

and more

Can be purchased and imported via Alibaba. I dealt with some of these factories back in the 90's and early 2000's. I only found one that was prepared to manufacture at a high quality level for me and this was definitely not it! That company was undercut on quality and price by the other factories around it and was closed down as it could not compete on price.