I found a cart!


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I was told many years ago that the guy who owned the property I know live on had a golf cart that he would ride. Well, on 22 acres things can sort of hide from you but today I was going through the woods and spotted the golf cart. After some heavy pulling from the 4-wheeler and the the tractor - I was able to get it to the house.

It appears to be an EZ-Go Serial # 389651, manufacture code E1786. I was a gas model but was really hoping to restore it to electric...is this possible or maybe a better question is....is it worth restoring?

Not sure how to post pics so - maybe some help from a forum vet?



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Your cart is a 1986. That would make it a 2 stroker. It's possible to convert it to electric but cost wise it wouldn't be worth it. I'd see if you can get it running the way it is...