Hyundai - Suzuki engine parts


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I have just aquired a Hyundai cart that some kids unhooked the rear end govenor and it disconnected the connecting rod. I am swapping to a 16 hp Duromax so I am listing the engine parts on ebay. It is a Suzuki V270G. It ruined the rod, crank, and balance shaft....everything else is good.This motor appears to have been run very little, it shows no bore wear or ridge from the rings. I listed all the big pieces except the cam, Its perfect except it cleaned the decompression lever off the back of it. If someone can use it make me an offer. I also have all the small pieces if anyone needs some. Just trying to pay for the new stuff!

As for my swap, I am going to try the tapered shaft adapter and the original Salisbury clutch to start. A 1"shaft will go thru the clutch so I am waiting for the adapter to see if I can avoid cutting the crank end. Anyone tried this yet??