Hyundai HGG-1 Golf Cart Lift Kit

Gabe Sandstrom

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I just bought a 91 Hyundai HGG-1 golf cart as I fell in love with it and now am seeing just how scared parts and everything are. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a lift kit that would for it? I've seen tons of different answers and need some advice thanks.


I'm pretty sure a Yamaha lift kit will work but I don't recall which model. Give Allsports a call and they will know which lift if any will fit your Hyundai.
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Gabe Sandstrom

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The lady i talked to wasn't helpful and said I was wrong . That's why I'm asking everyone in hopes someone knows exactly which one i need so u can just purchase it from them .


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We've had customers install Yamaha lifts on the Hyundai in the past but I can't remember which lift it was. It's either a g9 or g16.
Does your cart have a track/sway bar on the rear?
Also not sure what mods had to be done.

Gabe Sandstrom

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I have it being delivered tomorrow. Once I get it I'll let you know if there is anything. Awesome okay. Hopefully I can figure out what one I need and possible mods that need to be done.