Hyundai HGG-1 Back Seat


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Hi all, and so goes the continual search for parts that fit the Hyundai HGG-1.

Right now I'm looking for a backseat that is compatible with this model. I'd like to do as little fabrication as possible so I'm hopeful that someone has direct experience or knowledge of a seat that would install relatively easily. I've got the rear fenders currently with the utility bed so it'd be great if there was something that would replace this entire unit. The other issue is that the back rests for the front seats are also integrated into the utility bed so I'd have to figure out how to get those setup as well.
Thanks for any help!


Most Hyundai carts are patterned after a Yamaha G2 , I think most of a rear seat kit would fit some mods. Rear seat kit would also take care of the front seat back problem.