Hyundai Golf Cart Seems Like Something Is Stripped In Drivetrain


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I Have a Hyundai Golf Cart and When I put it in Forward or Reverse the motor turns and the wheels attempt to engage slightly but it seems like something is stripped or not engaging in the drivetrain. I would like to understand what I'm dealing with.

I'm guessing the drive motor has a slot for a spline and that there is a shaft with a gear on it that attaches to another gear below it that drives the axle.
I am assuming that my problem in in this area. Do carts usually drive one axle or two?
My vision: Upper Motor shaft with drive gear * connects to lower* Axle drive gear.

By the way the, The Hyundai Wiring Chart from this site was awesome.
Thank you very much.


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I removed the rear end cover and can see gears. All appears normal when turning by hand. Found no metal pieces in oil. Bottom gear is a large gear and
the middle has four gears to drive the axles. When i turn it by hand,
the left wheel axle gear turns but the left wheel doesn't. The right wheel axle gear does not turn. It does turn when I turn the wheel by hand.
Since it appears that there should be drive to both axles, would the cart run if one axle was broken? Although the parking brake is off, could the brake be holding the right wheel?

I can see everything but can't seem to figure out what my problem is.


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Guess I should have gone to the EZGO Forum. Seems it was the
drum. Guess they wear out a lot according to the EZGO dealer. Seems that lots of carts use this part 19186-G1. For the record: Drum Thin Hyundai lists for $87.00 and Drum Thin EZGO listed for $40.00 on the internet. Of course it's $58.00 locally. Seems fair to me with no shipping and immediate access.
Problem solved :thumbsup:


Glad you figured it out, i am not familiar with ezgo,s. Our resident ezgo guy is on vacation. :thumbsup:


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I am sorry I did not look here sooner. I just read "Hyundai gearing" figured you wanted higher gears for the rear end and thought; Lots of luck with that. Unless those are ezgo parts too, which I doubt.