Hyundai Golf Cart Rear Brake Drum/Hub


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I have an older Hyundai Golf Cart - Electric, 36volt. The spline in the rear brake hub/drum has deteriated to a smooth surface. I went to replace the drum and was informed that it was an old EZ-GO style setup. They sold me a 4260 Drum but it wouldn't fit. There is a different style but they didn't have it in stock. The supplier couldn't tell me what the difference is except the one they tried to sell me was a "fine spline". They didn't know if the other drum was fine splined or not. Does anyone have any knowledge about the splining, etc. on a Hyundai/EZ-Go drum? What is Fine spline?


As far as I know ezgo only has on type of splined drum. The older ezgos don't use splines on the drum the lug studs hold the drum on.