hyundai electric 36 v cart


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ya i thought i got a deal buying this thing for 950.00 then i find out they only made them for 5 yrs. it ran fine for a whole season. i washed the batterys down with baking soda ,topped off the batteries and pulled it into the garage for a fresh charge. pulled it out a few hrs later and it suddenly sped up on me. i hit the brake and returned to the gas pedal and NOTHING!!!. batteries fully charged. I suspect the (pot box) ? I found a pot box for 300 bux. gm can anyone give me some direction on diagnosing this peice of crap? a wiring diagram, diagnostic manual? these items are harder to find then the schematics to a chinese missle!you can e-mail me directly at mpowondra@aol or tscdixie@yahoo,,,,,,thanks,,i would really appreciate any and all info on this cart,,mike


It's possible something was wet from washing the batteries. Are you still having the problem? Here's a link to a Hyundai wiring diagram in the resources section here.