Hyundai Cart


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I have read somewhere the Yamaha G2 rear seat can be installed on the Hyundai cart. I need to know if this is true before I lay out the buck for the seat. Also was told there needed to be some modification to the cart to make the rear seat install. How much modifications and to what level of mechanical ability?

So far, (knock wood) it runs very well with no problems.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Short Circuit

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Hello Thelt,
When I bought my Hyundia there was a Yamaha G2 sitting right beside it and the frames looked pretty well identical. But how close measurement wise I don't know. The rear ends and drive trains are not the same.
I have read that alot of the G2 frame parts (lift kits A arms etc.) will fit but I cannot confirm this 100% as I built everything for my cart.


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Nice looking cart , been thinking about a rear seat myself ,
BTW the yamaha throttle and brake cables will fit the Hyundai ,
and i think the brake shoes will also .


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Let me know if you go to put one on, especially the G2, I have extensive experience in doing it.