Hurricane Ike Cart


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Hello, everyone. I live South of Houston and purchased a cart that survived Hurricane Ike on the west end of Galveston Island. It is a 05 EZ-Go TXT NON PDS, I dissasembled the cart completely upon bringing it home. Flushed the frame with Alchol to stop the salt from doing anymore damage. I had the motor reworked (i.e. dissasembled cleaned) ata buddies shop. All the bateries survived, as for the front seat charger controller and a few other parts weren't so lucky. More or less what I am getting at is that all of the running gear is good. But I need a new controller. I have found a few non-curtis sealed units on e-bay for around $300 400amp 2 year warrenty. I want to add a little speed to the cart but not too much due to the fact that my kids will be playing on it a prodominatly. ( it is a Christmas Gift) for them. LOL. ANy input would be greatly appreciated and any used/ referb. part that anyone would part with let me know I have to finish this cart in a little over 2 months. Thanks


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Logisystems makes a decent controller. You can find them on ebay. As far as adding speed on a series cart you'll need a different motor or higher voltage...

Try posting a wanted add in the Wanted forum here. I'm sure someone has a used stock controller laying around after a upgrade...