Hunt'n Buggy's Cart


Here's a pic of Hunt'n Buggy's cart that he asked me to post for him...
Nice looking cart

Hunt'n Buggy

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Thanks Guys. Its a Star cart. It has a 6 in. lift. the front basket and rear flip flop seat. Its a 48 volt (8 6-volt batterys). It has a programable 400 amp controller. The dealer set it on the torque side over the speed side.It really surprised me when I go it in the woods. The Tires and wheels are from Green Ball Corp. the tires are Dirt Devil II (24-11-10) They rub on the front flare if you go through a narrow ditch or hit a deep hole. I take the front flares off during hunting season and have no problem. In the summer I am running the factory tires. Some street tread in (22-10-10). I had it Camo clad in realtree AP. I did the top
and decided I would let someone else do the rest. (I wanted it to look Good) It will run about 23mph where the controller is set. At first it was turned to speed and I almost got 30 mph out of it. I love it. I work at a Goodyear Tire plant and it is 4 miles from me and I drive it to work almost everyday. I really like Cartaholics, I have learned a lot from readin all your posts.
Thanks, Greg. Hunt'n Buggy