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I'm a Cartaholic newbie and just pulled the trigger yesterday on a cart that is about to go through a transformation. This is a 2013 Club Car Precedent that just came off lease from a private course and looks the part. I took it off road yesterday through a hay field, some marsh and up and down a pond bank and it did fine in stock form.

The transformation will start next week and the plan looks like this:

- Ditch all the golf stuff with the exception of the cooler
- Top to bottom systems health check
- New battery set with watering system and #2 wire set
- GTW 6" double a-arm front suspension lift kit
- 7X12" Godfather alloys with 23" all terrain tires
- GTW fender flares
- HD dual action rear spring set with new bushings
- Speed control mod to level 3 (about 20 mph)
- LED front and rear light kit
- MadJax front brush guard and clays basket
- MadJax Rear flip out seat set (fold out shelf)
- Forest green or camo body color (rhino liner)
- In dash digital battery meter
- 5 panel "wink" mirror

Any advice????

I did look at a couple used Bad Boys and they are tough rides for sure. 4X4s with winches and racks galore. One needed some serious TLC and the other was pushing $10K.

This tweaked golf cart should last me a few years and it fit's my budget.


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OK, here it is. The wheels and tires made it in today and I like em. ;)

I've got a few more things to add before deer season:

- Another small basket inside the cart
- A xbow rack to the jump seat area
- A winch receiver front and rear
- A 400a controller
- Some green LED front lights
- Camo cover


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Thanks HotRod. The wheels were important and these actually were option number 3. Option 1 and 2 were no where to be found. BUT, I do like the look of these wheels as well.

It's my first golf cart, an "active" project and it's been fun so far. I can see I need rear wheel spacers added to the list. I've got a couple months before it goes into the woods so I've got some time to sort it out.


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You did a nice job on it and looking forward to seeing it as you add more to it. The camo cover is going to look real nice on that cart.


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By chance do you know the source for the metal, mesh bottom basket that mounts behind the front windshield, dash level? It's about 5" deep and spans the width of the windshield. Similar to the Clay's style basket on the front of my cart?


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HRC was right on. I've got the inside small storage basket underway, the rear wheel spacers are coming and I have a rear towing bracket in mind. The Rigid D Series, Pod "Green LED" driving lights will go up front on the brush guard for pre-dawn stealth lights. :D

Speed code 5 get's programmed Saturday so I should be able to lay down a blistering 25 mph with the right wind behind me..... :rolleyes:

It's all about being quiet!


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I spoke to Judy at Allsports who was very nice and I almost bought their basket. I opted for the one from Grizzly.

Speed code 4 got loaded and my local CC dealer says their isn't a speed code 5 for a Precedent. Acceleration feels better and I'm getting 20/21 mph.

The 1" rear spacers moved the wheels out to where they look correct. That's a good step completed.

The Rigid D LED's are mounted, fit perfectly and look good. I'm sorting out the wiring now. I think it's a 24V circuit plan.

I've picked up a front end squeak and haven't been able to find it. It changes with chassis movement and I'm thinking it's in the front end.

Ideas/suggestions appreciated.


Did it squeak before you installed the lift kit? I know a lot of people complain about Precedent lift kits squeaking. Have someone bounce the front suspension while your under the cart and try to pinpoint where the squeak is coming from.


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No, it didn't and for the first couple miles it didn't. I'll get an extra set of ears next week and see if we can find it.


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A little solder, some heat shrink to make four splices, new connectors at the battery, a 3/4" hole in the dash and bingo!

I've got a little light to contend with here but it looks like the D2 green LEDs will do the trick.

The D2s and the LED headlight.

Rigids WHLights.JPG