hummer beadlocks for a cart


I have 5 sets of military take off hummer wheels and tires. The wheels are a 8 lug pattern and 8 lug beadlock with magnesium run flats. Tires measure 36*12.50*16.5 rim

this rim can handle up to a 49" Irok.

Asking 300 obo. Located in Lebanon Mo

417-718-1289 ask for Keith or leave a message.

I will ship but it would be too costly to be worth it IMO. But if you wanna pay it fine.

Would work great on a cart if you made custom wheel adaptors


You need to keep those and put them on your hauler.
Did you get these off a Hummer? Thats a great price if the tires are any good. I want them for my f150.