hub splines shot again


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Just a few monthes ago I replaced a rear brake drum because the splines were shot, now it has happened again same one. Is this that common and should I stock up on drums or what?


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very common,
did you buy a ez go drum or was it from those rice eating fellows? you really need to crank them axle nuts on

china drums just won't cut it


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you need to torque the nuts to 150 pounds.....

ezgo's are better but believe it or not we are running china ones on our drag cart no problems yet


Make sure the splines are in good shape on the axle. If you strip a hub on the same axle a couple times it may be time to replace the axle. If you replace the axle make sure it's a genuine EZGO axle and drum.


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MrWicked has lots of experience with these and his recommendation of 150 lbs torque would likely be the top end, maybe he will confirm. It may even be required on modded carts.

The factory specs call for the torque on the castle nut to be 90 lbs with a maximum of 140 lbs. When installing the cotter pin, do not back off the castle nut, take it to the next notch.
This is for a stock golf course cart.


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in one of our books said 150 so i always stuck by it.... and yes never back the nut to put the pin in....

also make sure you have the thrust washer on the inside and then think washer on the outside..