How To Test Solenoids


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Your are talking about batteries here. I didn't even look to see that this was the Club Car electric forum. :oops:
I could suggest what to do, but I think it is best to wait for one of the electric guys to chime in. Then you will be sure to get the straight scoop.

However, I will help you out with; Cylinders = gas motors. Batteries have "cells."


How many solenoids does the cart have? What is the problem you having with the cart?

A solenoid should have full battery pack voltage on both large posts when activated (energized)...


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My cart has 5 solenoids it runs really slow. On my other post they told me that I needed to test my solenoids with a volt meter. Please help.


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About 3 mph and my batteries are brand new. I dont know how to test my solenoids with a volt meter. I need some one to tell me how to test them.


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Set your voltmeter on DC voltage (it should have several settings) Be sure it's set on a higher setting than you're testing ... i.e. ... 36V/48V. If you have a setting for 60V - DC, use that one. Place the positive (+) lead on one of the large terminals and the negative (-) lead on the other big post. (If you have them reversed, it should give you a negative reading ... i.e. ... - 38.0V ... that's just a number I'm using for an example) If so, reverse the leads.

Be sure and jack up the rear of the cart, so it doesn't try to take off on you!!!

With the leads in place, slowly push the accelerator pedal and watch the voltage. It should be the same as your total battery pack voltage. If your solenoids are stacked, the top one should be your slowest speed, the bottom one, your highest speed. As you push the accelerator, the 1st one should click or engage, then the next, and so on.

Using the same setting on your voltmeter, you can check your batteries.
Put your positive (+) lead on the (+) post and your negative (-) lead on the (-) post, of each battery. Write your settings down. You can test the whole battery pack by placing the (+) lead on the (+) post of the 1st battery and the negative (-) lead on the (-) post of the last battery. (The cart should be off for this test)

I hope that's a clear explanation, if not ask.


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You're very welcome, mullet70! :) Glad I could help.

I learned almost everything I know, about golf carts, from reading the posts on these golf cart forums. There is a weath of information, and VERY knowledgeable people.

Use the search feature, alot.
Post lots of pics of your cart and progress.
Don't be bashful about asking questions.
Give as much info as you can about any problem you're having.
What cart you have, what model, what power ( 36V / 48 V / gas, etc.)
Pics of the problem area always help, as well
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