How to tell if onboard computer


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I am looking at a 2005 club car precedent. How can I tell if the on board computer has been replaced. It has May 2008 batteries. Do they have a lot of electric problems and are they hard to work on. I would appricate any help. Did club change all of the computers on the early models. Thank you.


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Precedents were first introduced in 2004 and have had about 4 different OBC changes since their introduction.
With the 4x12v system, they are known to have short battery life (2-4 Years).
I think due to those battery issues, in 2010 they changed back to the 6x8v battery set up that is in all the DS carts. They now offer a retrofit kit to change the pack to a 6x8v set up for around $400 plus batteries.
With 2008 batteries, I would say the Precedent is due for new ones soon.
IMO, the Precedent is a nicer looking cart than the DS but the reliability factor, accessories available and the 6x8v set up would make me lean to the DS model.
They both use the same operating system and the only real difference is the styling and the battery layout.