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How To Reset a Club Car On Board Computer (OBC)


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How To Reset a Club Car On Board Computer (OBC) - Resetting a Club Car OBC (On Board Computer)

Club Car Golf Cart On Board Computer REset

To reset the Club Car OBC the following must be done in this order:

1 - Key Switch to Off
2 - Forward/Reverse to Neutral
3 - Tow/Run Switch to Tow
4 - Disconnect the Battery NEGATIVE (–) wire from the battery NEGATIVE (-) terminal on the battery pack.
5 - Put the Tow/Run to Run
6 - Forward/Reverse Switch to Reverse
7 - Key Switch to On
8 - Lock the throttle pedal down

The reverse buzzer will sound and go off in about 30 seconds. Leave...
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Ken D

New Member
Tried to reset the OBC on my 2006 Club Car IR and nothing happened - no backup alarm sounded. How could it sound with the negative pack cable disconnected?


There's power stored in a capacitor that the reverse alarm will drain. If you're having some kind of problem with your Club Car you should start a thread in the Club Car Repair section of the forum with details of the issue. Welcome to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. :hattip: