How To Reprogram a EZGO RXV for More Speed?


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I live in the Pittsburgh area. So accessorizing golf carts is no where a common thing! I went to Golf Cart Supply who is the largest EZGO dealer in my area. I told them I want the software updated on my 2008 EZGO Freedom RXV and reprogrammed for faster speed. I got stared at by the service guy like I was a alien. I want the slow start taken off the cart, and the top speed to be increased to the private setting so the cart can achieve a higher top speed of 20mph. They are going to send a technician out to my house next Tuesday with the hand held tool to see what he can do. Are there any experienced dealers out there that can tell me step by step how th reprogram the EZGO RXV so I can tell the technician what needs done? I want it reprogrammed right. I would hate to buy a new speed controller from EZGO, they are over $1,000.00 dollars. Any insight would be appreciated.


I've never done a EZGO RXV but it should be pretty straight forward to set it at the private setting. As I recall EZGO had a training seminar for their dealers to show them all the different settings and how to accomplish them. Let us know how it works out.


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Had my 2008 RXV fleet car reprogrammed at a local shop here in Alabama. You're right, the dealers don't have much experience with the RXV software. They got EZ-Go on the phone for about 20 mins and everything worked fine. Mine is a little less complicated than the Freedom, but they were able to set the speed to "high" and the accelleration to high as well. I was looking for hill climbing torque and it made a big difference. I have a 6" lift & 23" all terrain tires. GPS speed 21 mph & I can climb anything that isn't vertical. Just have the technician call the EZ-Go support office when he gets the hand-held programmer hooked up.