How To Make My EZGO Series Cart Faster?


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Hello All

I am new to this forum, but not new to carts. I have a 1998 EZGO 36v txt without the tow/run switch so I guess that would be called a series cart? Anyways what I want to do is make it go a little faster. Right know it goes about 12 mph.

My plains are to put a 6” lift and 22” tires on soon. I have heard that will give me about 2 mph. So what are any other options besides 48v, 4 gag cables, 400 amp controller, f/r switch, solenoid and motor upgrades? Is there something I can do to the field coil? Also if I just send my motor in to get rewound will this also help?

The cart will just be used around the neighborhood with me the wife and our two dogs. The neighborhood is pretty flat for the most part. Thank you to anyone that replies to this. What I am looking for is for the cart to go 20-25 mph.

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Just curious, where did you send the motor???


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If you have the motor reworked by EMP you should see about 20MPH with stock 18" tires and around 22-23 MPH with 22" tires. I'd recommend 4 gauge cables and a HD forward and reverse switch. Here's a link to their site if you want to contact them.
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I have not sent the motor to get worked on yet. I was just asking if it was a good idea. its seems cheaper to do than buying a new controller.

also thanks hotrod i am not in any hurry to do this. The wife just booked a vacation for the two of us so my money will be tied up in that right know. But as soon as i get that taken care of its mod time.