How To Make a Club Car Precedent Gas Golf Cart Idle


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Hi guys, new here so be nice. I have a 07 Club Car Precedent. I would like this golf cart to idle. It has the FE290 engine. I see how to make a Club Car DS idle but this model does not have the black box under seat. Anyone know how to do this on a Precedent. Thanks,Ed


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I never done this with a Precedent. Hopefully someone strolls through here then can help you out.


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i have just wired a on/off key to the wires from the micro on the pedal and set the idle up. the problem is the clutch will be starting to engage, if one could install a stiffer drive clutch spring it would fine :twocents:
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Ok I got the Club Car Precedent gas golf cart to idle. Lift the floormat on drivers side, remove plastic inspection plate, cut black wire from gas pedal. Then I installed toggle switch to each end of this wire to activate kill switch again if needed. I set my idle so clutch would not grab at idle,this was 900 rpm on mine.
Works just like I wanted.