How To Compress Rings To Get Piston Back In Cylinder


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I'll admit that I'm an old hand at 4 cycle engines but not the 2 strokes. I am getting ready to do a top end rebuild on 2 EZGO's both 2 cycle. How does one compress the rings to get the piston back into the cylinder when the rod is still connected and the piston must come in from the bottom of the cylinder? Most of the 2 cycle engines I have been around were on weed eaters and were just thrown away ..


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I had a real problem with this. The guys who know said to slide the jug over the piston/rod assembly compressing the rings with your fingers. Well, with my fat fingers, I could never seem to get the ring compress all the way around. But they seem to think it is easy. What I ended up doing was this; With the piston loose, I installed the wrist pin snap ring on one side of the piston. I then installed the piston into the jug from the top. If you do not have a ring compressor, use a large hose clamp. I pushed the piston through the jug until the wrist pin hole was accessible. I placed the piston on the rod end, slipped in the wrist pin and installed the snap ring. Slid the jug down and bolted it down.

Be aware that there are locating pins in the ring grooves. The rings have small dots on the side that goes up. Be sure the piston cut outs are to the carb side of the jug. Have the jug positioned close to how it will slide down and bold on as it is not good practice to spin it much with the piston and rings installed.

Edit; And you know to cross hatch the jug.


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The hoaning of the cyl is somthing that I have learned , that is if it is like the same as a 4 stroke , when I pulled the cyl off this morning is when I thought about how I was going to get it back in ,, mine has a very slight amnount of play , wiggle , in the rod to crank connection and at the wrist pin ,, should this be there ?
if I had to state ,, slight with measurments , I would say maby .003 to .005.