How to change a belt?


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I'm curious as to how to change a belt on a 2005 TXT with a Robin engine. I noticed the drive system is very similar to what I had on my 07 Brute Force, and when I changed a belt on it, I had to borrow someone's puller and pull the clutch.... Is that the same process needed to change the belt on this cart? If so, where would I buy this puller? How much should it cost if I had to pay an EzGo dealer to change it, and how much would that puller cost? Lots of questions- sorry. As you can see, I'm just a caddie! lol.


You just roll the belt off and roll the new belt on. No puller needed...


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That is if you are changing the drive belt.

If you need to change the starter/gen belt it's a little different story but still an easy task.
I have the 2005 ezgo robins 295cc, 4 stroke. I have to change my belt also, it is starting to dry rot. Do you by chance have the part number on that drive belt and the best place to order online.
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I have only had occasion to change belts a few times years ago. Don't you pull the belt as far as you can into the driven clutch? Then get a piece of the belt started on the drive clutch and roll the cart forward of backward to run it on?


The OEM number for the EZGO drive belt is 72054-G0.

You should be able to get a good deal on the belt from any of the sponsor links here on the forum.