How to buy a cart?


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I am new to the whole golf cart scene. I am in the process of finding and buying my first cart. Looking to spend about 3K. I am decently mechanically inclined. Should I buy one that needs all the work done to it, or get a used one that is basically the way I want it. Like a project, but if I can get one for about the same price already done as what it would cost to do it myself I'd rather get one already set up since we will be into camping season full swing shortly. Looking at a black EZGO 03 with new batteries and lift kit for 2800 now. Going to look at some more tomorrow. Anything in particular I should be looking for/doing. Thanks for any help.


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The 2003 with new batteries isn't a bad deal considering it's already lifted and has new batteries. Any idea what kind of lift it is? What kind of tires and wheels does it have? What brand are the batteries? Does it have any other upgrades like battery cables, controller, etc. We would need a little more information on the cart to get a better idea of it's value.

As far as buying a cart already done or stock it all depends on what kind of deal you get on the stock cart. Figure $1500-$2000 for the stock cart. Add in the lift, tires, wheels, 4+gauge cables, controller, solenoid, etc. it starts adding up quick.

For some building the cart is fun and for others buying one ready to go is best. It all depends on what you want to do, but honestly it's cheaper to buy one already done if you can find one thats done right.


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I agree...

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I agree... Get all you can on the first round and build from there. On an electric, the batteries should be fairly new, since this is one of the major expenses,other than your modifications.


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Carts are a money pit. Buy one set up. You'll probably get it for 50 cents or less on the dollar.
I would definently check what kind of batts it has in it! Not to knock em but I have seen few 6mo walmart/sam's/tractor supply come into our shop with no hope of new life.

Good batts would be:


Drawing a blank here..... help me out on a few more good brands here guys!!


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This is the cart I am most interested right now. Waiting on more pics and other answers to questions I asked. Think I'll get one I like now and learn a bit about carts before making it a project out of one. Look forward to learning alot from you all. Started out like this about a year ago on and have learned so much it's amazing. Can actually tell others how to do things now. Thanks again for the comments and I look forward to talking with you all.



Nice cart. Look on negative battery terminal for a stamp. It should be like this. A9 which in turn means the battery was made in Janurary of 09. Take the cart for a good ride try and find a hill to climb see how it does.


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OK got it. Looking to get a CD player or get one with it in there. Was reading somewhere that it's best to have a seperate 12v battery to run it. Is it that much of a drain on the cart batteries? Should it fit in the box with the other batteries? Got a 6a/2a charger that I use on the camper sometimes. That should work to charge it I'm sure if I went the 12v route. Also is it a good idea to take it to a cart mechanic to make sure everything looks good when buying a used cart? Thanks again for the help


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Finally got in touch with the lady selling that cart. Her computer is down and she's ready to get rid of her cart. She's selling it to me for 2500 when I was willing to pay 2950?!?!?! Hope I just got lucky as heck. Will check it over like crazy to make sure, but she sounded like an older lady that just needed the room in her garage. Ha Ha.