How Hard Is It To Replace Golf Cart Batteries


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I'm coming to the conclusion that I need new batteries for my golf cart and I'm not real mechanical and was wondering if I can replace the them myself. How hard of a job is it? If I write everything down (what's connected to where) and take lots of pictures beforehand, do you think we can replace our own batteries?

Would I just order them through the mail? I think shipping would be outrageous. Would it be better to order them through a local golf cart business?



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Its not that hard to do, the pictures are best. I would buy them local to save the shipping and you'll have a better chance to deal with any warranty issues. Any auto parts store can order golf cart batteries. Just make sure you buy golf cart battery's.


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Thanks HotRodCarts,

Actually, I just talked to the guy in town who owns the golf cart shop and I'm going to let him do them. He's going to put new wires in too, and check the cart over. I know we'll pay more, but its worth the convenience. wish I could take a golf cart mechanic's course and get a good lift.
Now I have to decide on Interstate or Trojans. He said he's had a big surge in people asking for the Interstate ones and he has a set in stock. Dang. Its supposed to be a beautiful weekend and I can't use my cart on our beautiful property. I'm sad. Can't believe what a difference this cart has made in the quality of my life out here in the country!