How do you keep your batteries from freezing?


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My Golf cart store guy told me that the trouble I'm having with my batteries now might be from them freezing this winter. We don't have a garage. I bought a Shelter Logic shed when we got the golfcart and put it up between some large pine trees and our shed.
I might get some new batteries this summer, and I want to keep them from potentially freezing. I don't want to bring the batteries inside either. Any suggestions as to how to keep them a little warmer in the winter?


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I didn't use it for a couple months this winter, since it was endlessly cold and snowy. I did charge it maybe twice. Should I have charged it alot more?
Thanks SouthTX.
Bringing to a full charge once a month should be enough for so so batteries to prevent freezing. In the case of the PDS model I would switch into tow mode or totally electrically disconnect the battery bank so the controller can not draw any current.

We went with the BatterMINDer Model 36271 in our case so we can go months without messing with charging our cart during the winter if we wish but it is the price of two new batteries from Sam/Costco.

While it is important I think sometimes we overthink battery care.


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Thanks Gale,

That battery minder looks pretty good. It doesn't mind being in a protected tarp shed in the freezing cold?
I think it would be fine. Mine is in an open on three sides lean-to. It comes with a temperature sense so as not to under/over charge batteries in temperature extremes.

You can get it without the Desulfator feature for about half the price but I bought ours for the Desulf feature mainly. The 2.7 amp auto charging feature was a cool plus. I know on the motorhome weeks can turn into months very fast.