How do you install high speed gears


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I have a 2008 Club Car Precedent, 48 volts, Speed Code 4. Top speed is about 19 mph. I want to improve the speed to about 25-28 mph. I was thinking I could put either 8:1 or 6:1 high speed gears in to replace the 12:1 gears currently in the cart. I have been searching for directions / instructions on line with out luck. I know I will need to take the axle off the cart and I suspect I will need some type of gasket to replace the one I remove to get to the gears. I also suspect there is some type of lubricant in the differential that will need to be replaced.

Help / advice is appreciated.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I actually had seen the post your link was for and I guess since it is to be my first attempt and this an explosion or pictures would really be helpful. I have replaced a differential on a BMW, but never taken one apart.. I am a bit reluctant at this point.. hate to screw it up.

But I guess I can always get a professional to fix it if I do goof it up.. LOL

Thanks again for the link.. I have printed it out, will have to read it a few times.. before I give it a try.


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Wow this is perfect.... this I can understand!

I suspect the bearings are #16s - Speed gears that will get changed are #17 & #19, bearings are #18.

Is there a specific oil type needed to replace oil that is removed?

Again this is perfect !