How Do I Test the Motor On a Melex 212 Golf Cart


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I just purhased a melex model 212 golf cart it had been converted to 3 12v batteries but all batteries need to be replaced and I would like to know how do I to test the motor to see if it's working before I buy batteries.
Thanks for any help.


SERIES wound motor test:

Jack the rear tires of the ground and put the cart on jack stands...
Remove the main positive and negative cables form the battery pack...
Spray the 4 studs on the motor with a little penetrating oil...
Mark the cables then remove all four cables from the motor (use a wrench to hold the jam nuts)...
Put a jumper wire from a "A" terminal to an "S" terminal. (Example: A1 to S1)...
Then hook a 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery charger in the 15+ amp range to the remaining "A" and "S" terminal (Example A2 and S2)...

If the motor spins it's good...


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the A terminals are not marked the S terminals are do the terminals have to be connected a1 s1 or a2 s2 or does it mater thanks for your reply


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I'm not sure but it shouldn't hurt the motor if you get the S terminal mixed up. Try both ways if it doesn't spin the first time.

Hello, i just got a melex 212 aswell. Got it from a guy who claims it just one day stopped working.

I've went through made sure all the batteries are charged, checked the wiring diagrams for the cart and have all the batteries in the proper orientation in the diagram. You can hear the audible click from the solenoid when the throttle is applied but the motor does not respond.

So i found this post and tried to use that technique but i just used two of the batteries in series to produce a 12v output. On this motor like mentioned it has terminals S1 and S2. and the other two terminals dont seem to be labeled.

i did try to jump the terminals that are unlabeled to one of the S terminals and apply the 12v to the other S terminal but theres no response from the motor. i tried a few different configurations with the wires but i dont seem to be getting anything.

Is there any other way with a multi meter or something to check if the motor is done ? and if it is done for i dont see alot of motors out there for a melex so are other motors possible for it ?



Sounds like a bad a bad motor, remove it and check the brushes , if there is any burnt wires or armature replace it.