How do I get more ground speed?

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Hello Everyone,

I just purchased a 2000 Club Car (gas) from a local golf course. It works great but how do I get more speed? I assume there is an adjustment on the governor, maybe?

Bug Man
First, put the cart up as high as you can on jack stands so you will have more working room. Jack STANDS, not a jack!!!!

Now, on the drivers side of the cart, you'll see a bronze-ish rod linking the accelerator to the throttle control in the engine compartment. There are latches on each end that must be pushed towards the middle of the rod for it to be removed. After you have it removed, lengthen it out as far as it will go without being wobbly. To do so, you must loosen each nut, turn the latches counterclockwise, and re-tighten the nuts. Be sure to get the latches in the same position when you tighten them so they line back up with the linkage correctly.

Now, look at the nyloc nut on the shaft running through the accelerator pedal spring. Loosen it until there are roughly 1/4" of threads showing.

Reinstall control rod, and push accelerator until the cart starts (in maintenance mode) and keep the nyloc nut until the TOP of the pedal moves about an inch before it starts.

This will get a stock cart on stock tires about another 5 mph. This is the easiest way to get some more speed. If you are feeling industrious, you can get another rod exactly like that only about 1/2 inch longer and keep adjusting in the same manner above until you get the speed you want. You won't be going 55 or anything, but you'll be able to move a bit better than you could before.

Still wanting more? Loosen the nylock nut on the gas pedal return spring until there is only about 1/8" threads left visisble.

On 1994-2007 carts, you can run 3 zip-ties through the spring between the accelerator cable to the transaxle and the governor arm on the trans axle. Tighten them as much as you want. On the front of your engine, you will see a black box that is roughly 1.5"x2.5". There is a ground strap coming out from behind this box. The end of the ground is held in place by a 10mm bolt. Simply remove the ground (mounted about 1" left of the box) and tape up the metal end. That will disable the rev limiter...

Have fun now!!


No No, Thanks for the detailed instructions on the increasing the top speed on the Club Cars!!!