How Can I Make My Electric Club Car Golf Cart Faster?


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Hello All, I am new to the golf cart scene, some friends at the firehouse got me HOOKED. I just got a 1987 Club Car electric golf cart and it has all new batteries, and i just put a 6" lift kit and wheels and tires on it today. Yes I'm addicted, but anyway they are telling me that there is probably nothing I can do to make it faster, because of the way it is set up, solenoids, and now controller? I have no idea but I would really like to make it faster so if you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can make this my electric Club Car golf cart faster I would greatly appreciate it. I WANNA GO FAST!!!


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If your golf cart is the 36v, stock, 13-14mph cart, changing from 36v to 48v will increase your speed by about 4-5mph.


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No it wont I have a 48v and it only goes 13mph.

You just need to spend money and get a new motor and controller. I saw a setup that goes 42mph is that fast enough?


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Your 48v cart may have a 48v motor designed for a certain speed target. Now if you take a 36v motor and run 48v to it, it WILL turn faster and the cart WILL go faster.