How can I get these on my truck?


I am looking for new tires for my truck and I came across these. Is anyone here familiar with F-150's? How much lift would it need to clear those? I'm thinking about a 6" suspension and 3" body lift. Would that do it?

$600 doesnt sound all that bad for 41" tires with 100% tread left. Does anybody know where to get 20" black steel wheels?

Heres what my truck looks like now at the stock height and new 33's. I wonder if somebody would want my tires and wheels for $500?


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I'm not familiar with an F150's setup but I would think a 6 inch suspension and 3 inch body lift would just about let you put any size tire on it within reason. I have a Frontier with only a 3 inch suspension lift running 31's on 15x10's. I can't view the pic of your truck from here due to the firewall. That would definitely be awesome: 6 inch suspension and 3 inch body lift.


Thanks it is a nice truck. I cant let any of the other red necks at my school have a bigger truck then me .
I think 41's outta do the job just fine.

Hey spriddle did you install the body lift on your truck? How hard is it to do? Are you able to lift the body up by hand with a couple friends?


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Just kidding your truck looks really good. I just had a very bad experience with a new ford about 10 years ago.

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The new Powerstrokes SUCK. But when they're runnin right, they can go 85mph in 1/8 mile. No lie. They can kick the V10's @$$. Now you know it's bad when a diesle can beat a gas.


thats why yall should just stick to chevy..BTW you have a hard enough time keepin a golf cart on all 4's......let alone a truck with a 13'' overall lift on it


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As We Used To Say At The Ford Dealer I Worked At
Forgive Our Retarded Designers!!!!

Fixing Open Recalls Daily !!!!
Yes I Will Hands Down Agree The Sick Liter Is A POS That's Why Im Not A Ford Diesel Mechanic Anymore And From What My Old Coworkers Tell Me The Sick.4 Is Even Worse !!


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41's just won't cut it!
you gotta do like a guy I work with. 20's with 46"ers. Actually it's pretty funny. I'm 6'1" and the top of the truck bed is taller than me. The door sill, hits me about boob-high. He's like 5'2"! I haven't seen him try to get in yet, but that should be quite funny!


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I hope they're clear enough. It's a 4x4 Chevy, with Banks Power (I assume it's diesel) ... If you look to the right, in the 2nd pic, that's my beige, 3/4 ton, '84 Chevy work truck, for size reference (it has 265x16 tires on it)