Hot Toppers nut and bolt covers


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Hot Toppers for Motorcycles, Cars, (Golf Carts?) I’ve used them on 2 Harleys and will use them on the next one if that day comes. Hot Toppers are chrome, or black, nut and bolt covers in different sizes and shapes. They are made in the USA (WAUWATOSA, WI ) of ABS, copper based, triple chrome plated. They are guaranteed not to rust, chip or peel. They work great. Snap them on and drive away. I plan to use them on my Club Car (once I get to that point in the customizing) to cover all the exterior nuts, bolts, etc. Two downloadable catalogs are available, one for motorcycles and one for cars. Between the two, it appears sizes and shapes for golf cars are available. Just thought I would share this info in case someone is interested.


Thanks for the info, i have seen them or acorn nuts on carts. Very sharp looking.