Hot Resistor on Ruff & Tuff Solenoid


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So I was working through reading this massive thread as my 2009 4x2 Ruff & Tuff had speed problems. As I worked my way through ITS testing, the cart sat for a month and is now non-responsive. Each battery reads full charge. The solenoids don't click and the solenoid resistor in the picture stays so hot it burnt my finger. It has been hot for days now. I don't see any color rings or marking to identify it. What is it? Any suggestions on first troubleshooting step? Thanks.


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If it gets hot just sitting there the controller is bad if it gets hot when pushing the pedal then the solenoid is bad


Diode wants to know does it only get hot when pushing down pedal? Or is i hot all the time?


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it's a bad controller
controllers usually short in the on position, thus the motor is trying to run all the time, the only way it can get power is through the resistor that's why the resistor gets hot.