Hot cables and melted terminals


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I've had to replace two batteries recently because the terminals melted. Was riding in the neighborhood yesterday and same thing happened again. Cables are extremely hot. What is causing this?


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The heat at the battery cables is normally caused be loose connections, dirty connections or bad cables. Is the cart stock?


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Yes, I have added aftermarket headlights. I do plan on replacing all the cables, they are looking rather old.
Thanks for replying and I'll let you know the outcome.


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you may want to spend the extra money and upgrade the cables to 4 gauge


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Repair your battery with the melted post by using a self-tapping screw right into the lead to fasten your battery cable. I've had several carts with this repair last for years. A better option is to screw in a stainless steel "shelf-hanger". This is a bolt with screw threads on one end & machine threads on the other. I have a tool to install these with my DeWalt impact driver. I think you could run a nut down then wrench the bolt in by hand. The advantage is you can remove the cable for cleaning/replacement and not loosen the bolt in the lead. Often the self-tapping screw option will yield a corroded screw head that you can't get out.