Horn Installation Location on a 2017 EZGO TXT


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I have a 2017 EZGO TXT Elite, and I got an upgrade kit with turn signals, horn, and brake light controls. I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out just where to mount the horn. The instructional videos I've watched just say to mount to a flat metal surface with self tapping screws. The only flat metal surface I can see on this cart is the frame, which is pretty thick steel. Has anyone with a 2014+ TXT found a good location for mounting the horn?


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Mine is mounted underneath the cover in front between the two headlines through a screw to the frame. Will see if I have a pic to attach.

Old 45B

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I mounted mine to one of the screws that holds the front plastic panel to the frame. I just removed the screw and put it thru the mounting tab that holds the horn.