hooking and unhooking batteries question


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with all the electronics and fuses and condensers and stuff
is it harmful to disconnect the batteries too often?
i am about to install my larger cables and was wondering if i should unhook the main
cable, install all the cables then hook the main back up..i also have to remove all the cables
to check the water levels in the batteries as the cables lay over the caps..i dont want
to pop something so what is my best bet?


If the cart has a run/tow switch put in in tow before unhooking cables. You need to route the cables so you don't have to take them off to check/fill the batteries with water...


Depending on the year of cart:

If you have the Run / Tow switch then turn it to tow always before disconnecting any batteries. Also if you do any work to the cart. I like to put my 04 in tow while I charge it also just for more security. This hopefully keeps the controller from any spikes or surges during charging.

Never run cables across the battery caps for the reason you stated. After taking the nuts off and on several times you stand a good chance of them just working loose by there self.
You can take any one of the battery cables loose to break the circuit.
I perfer to take the positive loose if it's mine.


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ok so i dont have a tow switch..i guess i have some spare cable already made up because they
are not long enough to go any where other than over the caps..
dont understand why they would be made like that, it seems the company i bought
them from would have made them a few inches longer or can i rearrange my batteries
some how?
by the way it is a ezgo txt 2001


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I have made my own cables
from welding lead and half inch copper tubing and melted siver soilder in the ends.