Honda V Twin Conversion Looking For Engine


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for what year cart, new or used

20 or 24hp


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that motor has a tapperd shaft and i think he wants a kit my questions is why a honda????


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i personally like the Van Guard Briggs better... for the same price we can have a 30hp with cams rev kit running 6000 rpm at 40 to 45 MPH with stock gears in the rear end.. we have used many of both and the briggs out preforms the honda all day long


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Always been a big fan of the honda motors on gas compressors log splitters etc dependability is awsome!!

with that said i'm open to what you experts recomend i have a 1998 ez go gas no idea what motor lifted just did rear seat paint dash cover headlight turnsignal kit new 22x11x12 tires tempest rims custom seat covers front and rear and new paint.....whew added cd player as well now am looking at a header pipe and clutch kit but..... wondering whether $400 or so for clutch and exhaust is good idea if i'm heading towards a 30 hp motor? any advice? i usemy cart at campground a bit un happy with power but ok with speed but never to much speed lol thank you guys for any advice

not sure price differnces in finding a motor or doing kit i have welders plasma cutter and have built off road jeeps custom bumpers lockers gears etc etc so not a total dummy