Honda or Briggs


What is the prefered engine now that BU has come out with quite a bit of performance upgrades for the Honda? I would actually rather buy a Honda and use BU's performance parts instead of a Briggs. I know there are a lot of performance upgrades for the Briggs but they are scattered all over the place. At least BU has done a good job of bringing all the Honda upgrades and putting them in one place with a definate price.

But besides the bad marketing job Briggs upgrade distributors have done how does the Honda stand up to the Briggs qualtiy wise? I have heard some not so good things about them but personally I think them Japs have done good with their Honda cars. Infact I have never heard somebody say something negative about a Honda until I came to these golf cart talking things. Maybe I have grown up shelterd and got lucky with my Hondas in the past.
Anyway I was just wondering what people are thinking about these Hondas now that performance upgrades have sprung up for them. I'm trying to decide what I am going to use in my next project.


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Well lets bump this thread as I am also about to start a new project using a 97 up club car. I will either be using a 24hp Honda with the BU kit or an 18 to 23 hp Vanguard running the transaxle in reverse. Let's hear it from the members on opinions and suggestions..........


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Is is going to be just like the ford vs. Chevy thing. After a cost benefit analysis for my 4wd cart I chose the 24 Honda, but a lot of guys will not even utter the word Honda. Then there is the whole other set that will only use Vangards. It comes down to application, cost and personal preference. Actually if I had lots more money, I would have gone Kohler FI


I like the Honda engines. I've never had one in a golf cart but I've owned quite a few other things that have Honda's and have always had good luck with them. Their seem to be a lot more aftermarket parts available for the Briggs & Stratton though.