HONDA GX620 20HP Clutch to Clutch Length

General Lee

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Hello everyone, New to the Forum here. I am in the process of rebuilding my Yamaha G14. I had an Evinrude 440cc Snowmobile engine in it. Ran it for several years and got tired of it. I have now purchased a Honda 20hp V-twin. I ordered a CCP Clutch with the Power spring kit with the serve duty belt. I wanted to know what length from clutch to clutch I should run. I have heard 13 inches but I want to be sure before I go fabbin it up. I want to be able to start it in gear with out it taking off(as my 440cc did). I have noticed that my rear end on my cart is different than most G14's I have seen. Its a late 95 with a cargo bed. My rear end looks more like one from a G16( Dana with removable diff cover). If some one can shed some light on the subject I would greatly appreciate it. I will post new pictures as soon as I am done. As of now I have 27" ITP mudlites on 14" ITP SS black wheels(RZR wheels with adapters). It has the General Lee paint scheme. I am in the process of fabricating a full DOM roll cage with 4 point harnesses.