High voltage motor and controller


I'm working on a small project and need some advice on putting together a package. I want to run a 120 volt system and was leaning towards the D&D ES-31B motor. This motor seems to pack the most bang for the buck.
Do they have a good reputation for holding together under heavy use?
Would this be a good controller to use with the ES-31B motor?
Or the 600 amp?
Now for the charger, which is going to be best for charging 15 8 volt batteries? How is this one?
I'm new to this sparky stuff but am really enjoying learning about it.


I didn't see any RPM listed for the motor on the link you posted. The open cooling slots won't like water and dirt either. I'd save money and use the stock motor to start out anyway. The stock motor is rated at 8000 RPM and they take high voltage with no problems.

The amp ratings on the controllers are low and no mention of input type.

The charger should work but the amp rating is low and would take a long time to charge that many batteries in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to talk you out of the 120 volt setup but here's something to think about.

Build a 72 volt cart using a Alltrax 650, stock motor, one or two 36 volt chargers, etc... You should be able to run 40+ MPH with the stock motor at 72 volts. This way if you're not happy most of the parts can be used on carts down to 36 volts.


LMAO... Sorry I had no idea you were talking about a car. Nate swings through here now and then, he's the man that could steer you in the right dirrection...


LOL I'll do 120 volts on the cart once I find a place to stuff all the batteries.

Here's the car I hope to successfully convert to electric power. Already have the ICE junk pulled out of there. Just searching for the right system to go with now.


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
Are you going to bolt an elec. motor to the stock trans? Or do you have to make a whole new drive train?


Yes most connect the electric motor to the stock trans using an adapter plate and shaft coupler. Here's a link to an EV album with almost 1500 conversions.

I've also been spending a lot of time reading and getting ideas from this site.
Like golf carts weren't enough to drain my money well dry. LOL


D&D want give you any help on 120 volts. Nate tried them at the last Bonanza. They said it was to much voltage for anything they sold. The reason being warrinty and law suits if it hurt someone when it went.


Thanks guys I appreciate all the information.

HRC, the setup you mentioned above for a 72 volt golf cart using the stock motor has me thinking.
I'm short on spare money right now to continue this ev car project but am determined to get going on it anyway. I do just happen to have a spare 2001 Club Car 48 volt regen with all of the necessary components that would be needed for the ev conversion.

I think this would be a cool low buck mock up to do and learn from, then maybe upgrade the components later on.

Couple questions about upgrading the CC to 72 volts.
Will the Alltrax 650 controller be a plug in swap? Do I need the:
7234 24-72 volts
300 amp
7245 24-72 volts
450 amp

I like the idea of using 2 separate 36 volt chargers. Does it matter if they are for EZGO, Club Car etc?

Is there anything else that needs to be upgraded to handle 72 volts?


Ace, I've never done this on a Club Car only on EZGO's. You would have to do away with the OBC. You would need to use a 72 volt solenoid, 72 volt controller, 2 gauge cables etc. Does the cart have a vglide? If it does you would need to convert it to a pot box setup. The chargers will work but it depends on the model as to what you would need to do to them. If the CC charger is from a cart with a OBC you would need to ad a timer to the charger.

Hopefully someone who has done the voltage upgrade to a Club Car will chime in with better information.