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Hi, new to this forum and new to carts. I never knew until i searched around that golf carts were so moddable. Theres almost as much to do to these as cars except everything is way cheaper.

I don't have a cart yet but my grandpa is getting a little too old to golf and doesnt use his cart but 3 or 4 times a year. it just sits in his shed so he has decided to give it to me. I hope to pick it up either this or next weekend. I am not quite sure what model the cart is but i think it is from a G-2 to a G9. It is in great condition and runs like a champ.

I plan to put a lift and wheels and tires on it and maybe doing some things to the engine to give a little more pep.

What is the best lift for the best price around here and what things can I do to the engine that are cheap but good.

I also plan to register the cart here in CA (Sacramento) so i can drive it around my neighborhood. I live in a big master plan community and all the streets within a 2 mile radius are under 35 so i can putt around a lot of places around here. there is also a golf course right across the street from me so i guess that might help so the cops dont harass me too much. What fees/processes should i look out for??? the cart already has head and tail lights so i guess i need a horn, flashers and seatbelts?

Sorry about the long post but I hope i can get some good ideas from you guys. THANKS!!!


Welcome to the forum.

The Jakes lifts are real nice lifts and not to bad price wise. Here a link to Jakes Lift Kits

I've never tried to make a cart street legal so I can't help you much there. I'm sure others will give you some help.

Unhooking the governor will give you a big increase in top speed.

After you find out exactly which cart you have we can give you some ideas on getting it running as fast as possible without breaking the bank.
I agree, Jakes does a real nice job with the lift kit. As far as "pep", you need to make sure that the clutches are working properly. Lifting a cart and putting bigger tires on the cart puts more strain on the engine and drivetrain. A few simple clutch updates and tuning will keep your engine running stronger, cooler, and smoother.